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add to the wealth of information sent by our president CISAL, Lucy Flores, Marcos Coriñaupa sent us this delicious story of a friend Salesian Angel Roncero, SDB. And first announced today it will soon be the "multiplication" in Peru.

Cartago (Costa Rica), from January 31 to February 5 , 2011

"Master, at thy word I will let down the nets." With this motto, Carthage was the capital for a week of the Latin American church with the presence of some five hundred delegates from Canada to Chile and Argentina. Others lay hundred Costa Ricans, especially young people, made of "servers" with excellent logistics, organizational model.

Numerous delegations of the Catholic Church were officially present in this great assembly: Lay and laity, men and women religious, secular institutes, priests, bishops, cardinals, delegates from the Vatican by the Pontifical Work for Priestly Vocations Diocesan (POVs), the Latin American Episcopal Council (CELAM) with its president, Cardinal Archbishop of Aparecida (Brazil), the Latin American Confederation of Religious (CLAR), the Latin American Seminar (OSLAM), the Confederation of Secular Institutes in Latin America (CISAL), etc., etc. Of course, Pope Benedict XVI sent Congress a special apostolic blessing and an emotional, deeply theological and pastoral message on the vocation and the conditions for a flourishing again come springtime of vocations to this great continent of hope.

The event began with a celebration of the congressmen in the cathedral of Carthage with host Bishop Bishop José Francisco Ulloa Rojas on January 31 at 18.00 and ended with another celebration presided by the Archbishop of San José, Archbishop Hugo Barrantes Ureña in the Basilica of Our Lady of Los Angeles on Saturday February 5 at 11 am.

central theme: the Christian vocation and vocations in the past, present and future projection. The goal, create a culture of vocations in the Christian people. "Called out the nets to achieve full life in Christ"

On the Vocation several speakers made presentations in plenary sessions. But the main course was served, in almost perfect English, the world-famous university professor and Amadeo Cencini Italian priest, of the Sons of Charity Canossian. Cencini prolific writer, a professor at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome. He is an expert in Theology and Psychology of Vocation and the consecrated life. Interesting input on the Theophany and Teopatía of vocation. Pati Deum. Having God, suffering as God, suffer and those in which God suffers. And all this combined with the suffering of Christ. Vocation without passion there.

Christian vocation, like Christ, has a glorious and a sacrifice. Radical response and delivery to the living God. Surrender to God and neighbor. And surrender, surrender for delivery. Radical renunciation itself for total surrender to the Father is the greater glory of Christ and the Christian. vocation is not my first realization, is for the community. The Christian is saved to be the savior of others and the only way to be a Christian. Life must go as well received as property given life, love, love received donated. The vocation talks, first, of God and nothing else, the love of God caller. At the beginning is always the love of God who calls. Each vocation is different, as different is the individual. Every vocation is unique, unique, individual, but not for himself but to serve others in the community. It represents the infinite being of God and therefore of his infinite love. Good theologian and an excellent speaker, Cencini stresses the idea of \u200b\u200bGod's love, charity. God is love and therefore calls. Calls into being a project of love and personal and unique for each person who comes into this world. Call it always calls for love and love always. It is proper to draw its essence. Also for priestly and religious vocations God always calls. The vocation crisis is not called, but the callers, the animators, callers, mediators ... Why I have to be a good mediator and facilitator of that eternal flame? If you do not consider myself responsible forever calling and call of others, I can not be true vocations promoter. It seeks to discover, respond, encourage, support and be faithful to this call of God eternal. Even before I met you and you were born I consecrated. Vocation from God is one and ultimately to every human being, but from our acceptance and implementation is done every day, morning vocation is. According Cencini in the Bible is not the man who makes experience of God, but God who does experience man. A culture of vocations, says Cencini, includes three key elements. The intellectual or vocational mindset that corresponds to the theology of vocation. This should become a vocation in the Church sensitivity corresponding to the spirituality of vocation. The idea and the sensitivity should go into effect, the specific rules with the methodology and Vocational Education. Vocational work must be the transversal element of the entire ministry of the Church. The pastoral, or is vocations or not pastoral. Here comes the relationship between lifelong learning and vocational animation, both can be done throughout life and are two times the same content and psychological or theological perspective.

The Salesian Argentine Mario Llanos, a professor at the Institute of Vocational Education of the Pontifical Salesian University of Rome, presented the results of global survey done by the Vatican through the Episcopal Conference on the Vocation world.

In the preparation and conduct of the Second Continental Congress Latin American and Caribbean Vocations (with the presence of observers from the U.S. and Canada) worked a long time thousands of people across Latin America. But two priests were mainly Costa Ricans have endured over behind "the weight and heat of the day." The Fr. Alexis Rodriguez Vargas , the Archdiocese of San José and the executive secretary of the Department of Vocation and Ministry (DEVYM) CELAM, organized the convocation, the agenda, speakers and directed the activities of groups, workshops and plenary sessions. The Fr. Cristian Rivera , Vocation Director of the Diocese Host was responsible for organizing the supply room and five hundred delegates, all free , and also all that relates to logistics at a conference of this magnitude . The Church of Costa Rica, parishes and families of Cartago and San José, staying free to all delegates, demonstrated once again the great sense of brotherhood and charity that has always characterized. The Church of Costa Rica has been a wonderful example to the world, proving that you can make a major conference of five hundred delegates from over 30 nations without paying a dime to any hotel ...

The environment and development of the entire Congress was deep brotherhood, consensus and agreements stress-free groups, mentalities, national or regional. For practical reasons, divided the continent into regions: Caribbean, Central America and Mexico Bolivarian Countries, Cono Sur. Naturally, they all came out determined to work harder and better, together with one accord to create the Christian people a "vocation culture" by the Christian vocation, the laity, priests, consecrated religious.

The Second Continental Congress on Vocations was preceded by national conferences throughout the continent and continue with the POST- by nations and regions. The POST-for Central America will have in the diocese of Suchitepéquez, Guatemala.

expected the Continental Congress a new dawn, a new Pentecost in the Church in Latin America until every Christian is a disciple and missionary of the Gospel.


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